About the Project

Everyone is looking for the next best thing. And what better place is there to find it than in Berlin?

With an ever-changing history and a vibrant cultural scene, the German capital has become the heart of innovation and diversity, both domestically and internationally. Nearly four million people call the city home – 20% of which come from nearly 170 countries. It also houses one of the biggest startup scenes in Europe, aiding the world’s leap forward into the future.

But what will the future of Berlin itself look like?

The FreeTech Academy (Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology) spent the first half of 2023 bringing journalism and tech together in a collaborative project with Snapchat. FreeTech’s journalism and tech teams created augmented reality lenses which show how Berlin could appear in the year 2033. The goal is to give an insight to the topics impacting young people today and show what can change in the future – from art to fashion to political change.

A big part of this change is the ongoing climate crisis. The perspectives of Generation Z regarding climate change are crucial, as they are actively promoting responsible climate conduct and pushing for more significant efforts to tackle the issue. With FreeTech’s newest Snapchat lense – exclusively located at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate – the students aim to visualise climate change with AR and bring its impact closer to Snapchat users. The Berlin 2033 project is available on the Snapchat app and can be found here.

The Berlin 2033 project is available on the Snapchat app and can be found here.