The Future of Fashion:
An Industry in Revolution

In the next ten years, the fashion industry in Berlin will experience a significant transformation.

Fashion in Berlin will be more digital than ever before, with a growing emphasis on virtual fashion. While traditional fashion shows and settled stores will still be present, there will also be a growing focus on technology-based materials.

By using augmented reality technologies, we will be able to virtually try on clothing before making a purchase. The production of sustainable materials and the use of 3D-printers will also play a significant role in the future of fashion. The experience of fashion is transforming significantly.

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Paula - fashion protagonist

Paula aka Unlabeled

German Influencer

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Tabitha - fashion protagonist

Tabitha Swanson

Canadian Multimedia

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Yifan - fashion protagonist

Yifan Pu

Chinese Virtual Designer

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"In fashion, we are currently only talking about the future. The internet and social media have changed everything. The old system is collapsing, and many people find this horrifying. I see it differently: fashion has never been more exciting than it is today."

– Donatella Versace

Unlabeled: The German Influencer sewing her way to the Top on TikTok

About Paula

Paula aka Unlabeled is a German influencer who presents short videos, particularly on TikTok, in which she sews her own designs and takes her viewers along for the ride. She is one of the first German creator with this type of content on TikTok and involves her viewers throughout the entire process, from selecting the fabric to the final fitting. Additionally, she creates her own designs or designs famous pieces such as the dress from Alice in Wonderland. Paula wants to become a famous fashion designer in the future, but currently refers to herself as an amateur designer. Recently, she published her first book, a sewing guide for creating clothes at home.

Paula, fashion designer and her works

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“I believe that such ordinary fashion designers will also adapt well to this digital world and may even start using digital sketches or designs themselves. But I think there will be a mixture of both. So, I don't think it will just come down to the digital aspect, there will still be regular fashion designers who do their craft in the real world.”

Designing the Future of Fashion

About Tabitha

Tabitha Swanson is a multimedia designer who specializes in 3D designs, animations, augmented reality, and digital fashion. She has worked with major brands such as Vogue, Nike, Adidas, Zalando, and H&M in the field of digital fashion. Her goal is to co-create the future of fashion with her digital designs and provide a glimpse into how the fashion industry will change in the coming years with more and more technology and digitalization. Tabitha uses her work as a form of therapy and wants to explore the edges of human existence through it. Additionally, she creates a vision of tomorrow's designs and technologies for her audience.

Fashion designer and her fashion design works

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“Digital fashion still creates waste, there is still a lot of energy consumed. On the flipside, digital fashion has a huge potential to make processes more sustainable.”

How virtual Fashion creates 
a second identity

About Yifan

Yifan Pu is a Chinese virtual designer and artist currently based in Berlin. She has expertise in 3D modeling and a passion for fashion. Yifan views virtual fashion as the perfect tool to express pure creativity and create a second identity free from physical limitations, mass production, and consumption. As a digital fashion designer, Yifan has knowledge in product design and multimedia and has been working as a freelancer since 2019. Her focus is on digital art, creating AR filters, photo try-ons, virtual fittings, and more. Her clients include INDG, Ralph Lauren, CGITM, TWDA, dressX, Anyango Mpinga, GCDS, JAKE LIU, Maqu, KRAKATAU, XR COUTURE, HUAWEI.

Fashion designer and her fashion design works

See what Yifan thinks about the Future of Fashion.

“Digital fashion is pushing fashion industry. In the future fashion, will be much more interactive in terms of fashion campaigns. It could be in VR, AR oder even something beyond this, that I can not imagine right now.”