How technology can forever change Europe’s most artistic city

There are hundreds of words Berliners would use to describe their home. “Static” is not one of them.

Berlin is a city in transformation. From its historical division to its reunification, the city has coined a reputation as an international creative hub for artists and musicians.

Take a picture of any Berlin neighbourhood 10 years ago, and you will find an immensely different scene than what is there today.

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Alex - art protagonist

Alex Gürten

German Artist

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Rebekka - art protagonist

Rebekka Revel

Canadian Artist

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Kolja - art protagonist

Kolja Brand

German Artist & Art Dealer

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Jimmy - art protagonist

Jimmy Duda

Polish Artist

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“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.”

– Andy Warhol

See what Alex thinks about the Future of Art.

About Alex

Alex Gürten completed his degree in Communication Design in 2006 and worked in the field of 3D design and illustration. Later, he moved to Berlin and studied Mathematics.
Originally, Alex's roots come from conventional art such as comics and applied graphics. However, he moved over to algorithmic art and used the AI art program Stable Diffusion to generate visual art. He has showcased his AI-generated art and 3D printed art in multiple galleries.

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Rebekka Revel

Artist and curator for art in the Web3 scene

See what Rebekka thinks about the Future of Art.

About Rebekka

Rebekka Revel is a multifaceted artist with a unique background in formal art education and Buddhist culture. Her work blurs the line between rationality and spirituality by connecting nature and the human mind. She uses meditative dotwork and stippling to create intricate ink works that explore transcendent motives. Rebekka started her art training at a young age and received a scholarship to study Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia. She graduated with honors in 2010 after exploring contemplative art practices. She currently divides her time between creating art and community development/consultation in the web3 ecosystem, including the NFT market.

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Kolja Brand

Artist, art dealer and mentor

See what Kolja thinks about the Future of Art.

About Kolja

Kolja Brand is a visionary artist who aims to transform the art market as we know it. As the founder of Aurum Future, he has helped a number of artists to achieve their dreams of success by guiding them through the competitive world of art sales.   Kolja is a master of his craft, known internationally by his electrifying artist name, Kobransky. His captivating artwork is sought after by collectors worldwide, and he has truly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the art world.

Will digital art keep its stronghold in new media?

Jimmy Duda

3D-Artist for film and online projects